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Wings of an angel ( the prisoner's song )


The Prisoner's Song - Wings Of An Angel
wreck of the old 97

recording date elvis: Wednesday, 17 January 1968; Informal
first release:

originally by: Vernon Dalhart

recording date: 13 august 1924
actually written by: Robert Massey
catalognumber: 19427
label: victor
comments: matrix number B-30632

Real name: Marion Try Slaughter
Born: April 6, 1883
Died: September 15, 1948
Country: United States

Dalhart was born Marion Try Slaughter on 6 April, 1883,in Jefferson, Texas. As a teenager he helped to drive cattle between the Texan towns of Vernon and Dalhart, hence his professional name. After moving to New York, Dalhart received vocal training and started appearing in light operas and operettas. However, as this field became less popular, he tried other singing opportunities, making records in a more commercial vein. He recorded the original version of "The Prisoner's Song" on 13 August, 1924, with Carson Robinson providing guitar accompaniment. Released as the B-side of his Victor recording of "Wreck of the Old 97" (Victor 19427). Vernon Dalhart's version of "The Prisoner's Song" became enormously popular and helped make the single country-music's first million-seller. It went on to be issued on many different labels.

The Prisoner's Song
performed by:
Vernon Dalhart

Oh, I wish I had someone to love me
Some-one to call me their own
Oh, I wish I had someone to live with
'Cause I'm tired of livin' a-lone.

Oh, please meet me tonight in the moonlight
Please meet me tonight all alone
For I have a sad story to tell you
It's a story that's never been told.

I'll be carried to the new jail tomorrow
Leavin' my poor darlin' alone
With the cold prison bars all around me
And my head on a pillow of stone.

Now I have a grand ship on the ocean
All mounted with silver and gold
And before my poor darlin' would suffer
Oh, that ship would be anchored and sold.

Now if I had wings like an angel
Over these prison walls I would fly
And I'd fly to the arms of my poor darlin'
And there I'd be willin' to die.

Wings Of An Angel ( the prisoner's song )
performed by:
Elvis Presley

and the phone I would be
I fly to the top of a mountain, yes I would
and called for the man in the moon
if I had the wings of an angel,yeah now
and the boss of a big ferry cruise

and I fly to the top of a mountain,yes I would
I called for the man in the moon,yes I would
I ain't ain't get long stay here,oh

well uh,I'm a US

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