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What now my love ( et maintenant )


Et Maintenant - what now my love

recording date elvis: Sunday 14 january 1973;concert
first release: on audio album aloha from hawaii via satellite ( february 1973 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: vpsx 6089

originally by: Gilbert Bécaud

year: 1961
originally written by: Gilbert Bécaud,Pierre Delanoë
catalognumber: egf 570
label: la voix de son maître
first released on ep : gilbert Bécaud

Real name: François Gilbert Léopold Silly
Born: October 24, 1927
Died: December 18, 2001
Country: France

Jane Morgan: first englisch version

French giant of the chanson, Gilbert Bécaud, known as "Monsieur 100,000 Volts," wrote and recorded the original version of "What Now My Love" in its original French, as "Et Maintenant," in 1961. Bécaud was born in Toulon on 24 October, 1927. His musical education was interrupted when he joined the French Resistance during the Second World War. In 1948 he began writing songs, and in 1953, at the encouragement of Edith Piaf, he also turned to singing. Jane Morgan had already had a successful hit with an English-language cover of Bécaud's "Le Jour Où La Pluie Viendra" ("The Day The Rains Came") in 1958 and in 1962 she repeated the process when she recorded the original English-language version of "What Now My Love" with lyrics by Carl Sigman.
Gilbert Bécaud died on 18 December, 2001.
In addition to his frequent on-stage performances, Elvis made a home recording of the song in 1966 and that version can be found on "The Home Recordings."

Et Maintenant
performed by:
Gilbert Becaud

Et maintenant, que vais-je faire?
De tout ce temps que sera ma vie
De tous ces gens qui m'indiffèrent
Maintenant que tu es partie

Toutes ces nuits, pourquoi, pour qui?
Et ce matin qui revient pour rien
Ce coeur qui bat, pour qui, pourquoi?
Qui bat trop fort, trop fort

Et maintenant que vais-je faire?
Vers quel néant glissera ma vie?
Tu m'as laissé la terre entière
Mais la terre sans toi c'est petit

Vous mes amis soyez gentils
Vous savez bien que l'on n'y peut rien
Même Paris crève d'ennui
Toutes ces rues me tuent

Et maintenant que vais-je faire
Je vais en rire pour ne plus pleurer
Je vais brûler des nuits entières
Au matin je te haïrai

Et puis un soir dans mon miroir
Je verrai bien la fin du chemin
Pas une fleur et pas de pleurs
Au moment de l'adieu

Je n'ai vraiment plus rien à faire
Je n'ai vraiment plus rien

What Now My Love
performed by:
Elvis Presley

What now my love
Now that you left me
How can I live through another day
Watching my dreams turn into ashes
And all my hopes into bits of clay
Once I could see, once I could feel
Now I'm a numb
I've become unreal

I walk the night, oh, without a goal
Stripped of my heart, my soul
What now my love
Now that it's over
I feel the world closing in on me
Here comes the stars
Tumbling around me
And there's the sky where the sea should be

What now my love
Now that you're gone
I'd be a fool to go on and on
No one would care, no one would cry
If I should live or die

What now my love
Now there is nothing
Only my last goodbye
Only my last goodbye

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