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Tonight is so right for love


Tonight Is So Right For Love
The song is based on the tune Barcarolle with re-written lyrics.

recording date elvis: Wednesday, 27 April 1960; Studio
first release:

recording year: 1906
originally by: Friedrich Kark

originally written by:
catalognumber: X34630
label: odeon

The melody is based on (well, copied from...) "Barcarolle" by Jacques Offenbach. For copyright reasons, this track couldn't be released in Europe, so Wayne, Silver and Joe Lilly altered their original lyrics to fit a similar melody taken from "Tales From The Vienna Woods" by Johann Strauss, calling the song "Tonight's All Right For Love." Copyright problems did not affect release elsewhere in the world, apparently. Indeed, the Barcarolle melody had previously been recorded in a "jazzed up" fashion by pianist Frankie Carle and His Sunrise Serenaders in 1940, in purely instrumental fashion. It was an original arrangement by Carle. Carle's version was released on a single with the band's version of Rachmaninov's "Prelude in C sharp minor" (opus 3, No. 2) on the flip. The record was released by Columbia on #35573. The original recording of the standard music seems to have been made in Berlin in 1906 by Friedrich Kark on Odeon X34630.

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