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There's no place like home


( home sweet home )There's No Place Like Home

recording year: 1891
originally by: john Yorke AtLee

originally written by: Payne;Bishop

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: Tuesday, 4 December 1956; Informal
first release:

This number is also known as "Home Sweet Home." Originally an operatic aria from Sir Henry Bishop's largely forgotten opera "Clari," also called "The Maid of Milan," with words by John Payne. The tune was partly based on a Sicilian Air. The song was the first popular tune to become a "hit," being the first to be intentionally sold so that the "ordinary" person could play it at home (we're talking about the early 19th century here, remember—that's 18.., incidentally!). Rossini seemed to like it, too, for he used the tune in his rather better-remembered "Barber of Seville"—more opera! Atlee, also known as "Whistling John Atlee" is sometimes labelled "the first recording star." The earliest vocal recording dates from 1902 and was made by Harry Macdonough & Grace Spencer.

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