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Tender feeling ( shenandoah )


Shenandoah - Tender Feeling

recording date elvis: Monday 30 september 1963;studio
first release: on audio album kissin'cousins ( march 1964 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: lsp 2894

originally by: Paul Robeson

recording date: 24 may 1935
originally written by: Bill Giant;Bernie Baum;Florence kaye
catalognumber: B 8438
label: HMV

The team of Giant, Baum and Kaye provided many original songs for Elvis's moves, but this can hardly be termed "original" as the tune is clearly that of the far older America song, "Oh Shenandoah," also known as "Across The Wide Missouri." "Shenandoah" was a shanty used with the windlass, capstan, and winches for loading cargo. The origin of "Shenandoah" is not known. Some believe it originated among the early American river men or Canadian voyageurs. Others believe it was a land song before it went to sea. Most agree that it incorporates both Irish and African-American elements. The song dates from the early 1800s; it tells the tale of a trader who fell in love with the daughter of the Indian chief Shenandoah (other versions also exist)—he presumably had a "tender feeling" for her, so there is some degree of continuity!
Paul Robeson was a man of many parts: singer, recording artist, athlete, political activist; one of the truly great personalities of the 20th century. He grew to despise the early roles he had to play that denegrated his race. He embraced the socialist movement, supporting the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War and the Welsh miners, even portraying a black labourer who works in the Rhondda Valley pits in the 1940 film, "The Proud Valley." His first recording of "Shenandoah" was made in London on 24 May, 1935, and it was released on HMV B 8438, but he rerecorded the number on several other occasions.
It is difficult to believe that no earlier recording of "Oh Shenandoah" than that of Paul Robeson's exists.
The Campbell and Burr recording of "Shenandoah" from 1917 is a totally different song, with no connection at all to "Oh Shenandoah."

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Tender feeling
performed by:
Elvis Presley

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