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Stay away,joe


Pick A Bale O' Cotton - Stay Away,Joe

recording year: 1935
originally by: Huddie Leadbetter

originally written by: weisman;wayne

Real name: Huddie Ledbetter
Born: January 23, 1888
Died: December 6, 1949
Country: United States

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: Sunday, 1 October 1967; Studio
first release:

Intentionally or not, the writers of this Elvis track seem to have been at the very least inspired by the old slave song, "Pick A Bale O' Cotton." Huddie Leadbetter is perhaps better known as Leadbelly, and he is largely responsible for keeping alive many of America's folk-blues classics, of which "Pick A Bale" is one. Little is known of Leadbelly's early life, other than that it seems not to have been particularly pleasant or lawful. He was imprisoned for murder in 1918, but was pardoned in 1925, only to find himself back in jail in 1930 after a knife-fight. John Lomax, a folklorist, dicovered Leadbelly in Angola prison in 1933 and was impressed by his knowledge of folksongs. Leadbelly was released in 1934 and went to work for Lomax, who took him to New York, where he recorded, amongst other numbers, "Pick A Bale O' Cotton."

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