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Stay away


Stay Away

year: 21 january 1915
originally by: Reinald Werrenrath/Raymond Dixon/William Hooley/Lambert Murphy

written by: Tepper;Bennett

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: monday 15 january 1968;studio
first release: on audio album ? ( ? )

Some months previously, Elvis had requested a reworking of Greensleeves. An initial attempt, called "Evergreen," was not recorded, but this "Stay Away" was. The origins of "Greensleeves" are not clear and it is often listed as "traditional" or "anon." One story credits Henry VIII as having composed it for Anne Boleyn. It first appeared in print in 1580 during the reign of Elizabeth I.
One side of Victor 17724 contained a melody that included "Greensleeves" (indicated as "Green-sleeves"), although it is unclear from the Victor records just who sang the number (four vocalists are listed, but only one sings "Greensleeves"). The recording was made on 21 January, 1915.

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