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Release me


Release Me
motel time

recording date elvis: wednesday 18 february 1970;studio
first release: on audio album on stage - february 1970 ( june 1970 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: lsp 4362

originally by: Eddie Miller And His Oklahomans

composition date: 1946
first release: 1950
written by: Eddie Miller;Dub Williams;Robert Yount
catalognumber: 1407
label: 4 star

Real name: Edward Monroe Miller
Born: December 10, 1919
Died: April 11, 1977
Country: United States

C&W folklore has it that Eddie Miller could find no-one interested in his own number, "Release Me," which he wrote in 1946, so in the end he recorded it himself on Four Star Records in 1949. His original version of his own song was released as a single on 4-Star 1407, but was generally not played because of the apparently risqué number, "Motel Time," on the flip-side. A few years later, Perk Williams, the singer with the Jimmy Heap band, found it and Heap had a minor hit with it, but Ray Price then covered it, too, and had a #1 hit with it and the rest, as they say, is history, for everyone and his mother then recorded the number! Some confusion exists about just who wrote "Release Me." The original 4-Star release showed the writers as Miller, Williams, and Gene (Dub Williams and Bobby Gene Yount were members of the Oklahomans). After the song became a huge success in 1954, however, 4-Star owner Bill McCall decided that he should have his "fair share" of the writing credits, so he bought out Williams' and Gene (Yount)'s share in 1957; Engelbert Humberdinck's massive 1967 version of "Release Me" showed Miller and Stevenson (W.S. Stevenson was a pseudonym frequently used by McCall) in the writers credits. To add to the confusion, the name "Williams" is often substituted by "Pebworth." This is because "Dub Williams" was but the stage name of James W. Pebworth.

Release Me
performed by:
Eddie Miller

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Release Me
performed by:
Elvis presley

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