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Pour toi - Feelings


Pour Toi - feelings

recording date elvis: Friday 5 june 1970;studio
first release:
catalog number:

by: Dario Moreno

recording date:
originally written by: Louis Gasté

Morris Albert: feelings

Brazilian singer/songwriter Morris Albert scored a big hit in South and Central America with his number "Feelings" before it was released in the USA, where it reached the top ten. It went on to become a worldwide hit. The Paris Appeals Court convicted Albert of plagiarism in 1987, forcing him to pay half a million dollars to French composer Louis Gasté who had accused Albert of using his composition Pour Toi as the basis of Feelings.
Pour Toi was written for the film Le Feu Aux Poudres and was originally recorded in 1957 by Dario Moreno. It is said that "Feelings" was the last song recorded by Elvis during a studio session (October 31-November 1, 1976), but that it was never completed. Elvis's version has never been released.

Pour Toi
performed by:
Dario Moreno

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