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Padre Don José - Padre
fiesta créole

recording date elvis: Saturday, 15 May 1971; Studio
first release:

originally by: Rina Ketty

recording year: 1952
originally written by: larue;romans;webster
catalognumber: v.45-492
label: vogue

Real Name: Cesarina Picchetto
Born: 1 March 1911 in Sarzana (Italy)
Died: aged 85 ; 23 December 1996 in Cannes (France).

Jacques Larue and Alain Romans composed the original French version of "Padre." The original title was "Padre Don José." The first recording was made in either 1951 or 1952 by Rina Ketty and was released in 1952. Ketty was an Italian-born singer who moved to France in 1932 and became a popular chansoniste, thanks to some extent to her accent. She is perhaps best remembered for songs such as "Sombreros et Mantilles" and the everlasting "J'attendrai." However, her fame deserted her to a large extent in France after the war and she moved to Québec in 1954, where she continued a successful touring career. She returned to France in the mid 1960s, but to little success, so she decided to retire. Rina Ketty died just before Christmas in 1996.
English lyrics to "Padre" were provided in the mid 1950s by Paul Francis Webster. Toni Arden had a million-seller with the number in 1958, reaching number 13 in the Billboard Hot 100. During an interview in 1958, Elvis stated that this was his favourite song. Marty Robbins also had a number 5 hit in 1970.
The melody seems to be based, at least in part, on a traditional Mexican song, perhaps dating back to the 19th century, called "La Paloma Azul," the origins of which are difficult to ascertain. The song became known generally when it was used in a program of Mexican music, arranged by Carlos Chávez, in May 1940 at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Chávez included an eight-minute arrangement of the number, which was referred to as being "typical of the genre of peasant sentimental song" in the museum's press release prior to the event.

Padre Don José

performed by:
Rina Ketty

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Padre Don José
Padre Don José
Quand tu nous as marié
Tu m'as dit que l'amour
Devait durer toujours

Tu m'as dit aussi
Qu'en priant le ciel
La joie remplit notre vie
Et qu'en étant fidèle
On garde son mari

Padre, padre
J'ai cru tout ce que tu m'as dit
Padre, padre
Pourquoi m'as tu menti ?

La fille aux yeux d'or qui me l'a volé
N'a pour Dieu que le péché
Et sans pudeur son corps
S'offre aux désirs cachés

Elle a m'a t-on dit
Dans ses lourds cheveux
Des perles et des rubis
Et donne à qui le veut
Tous ses baisers maudits

Padre, padre
Puisqu'elle garde mon mari
Padre, padre
Où est ton paradis ?

performed by:
Elvis Presley

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The day that we wed
You blessed us and said
May heaven bestow you grace
There in that holy place
We shared our first embrace

Our cottage was small but richer than all
The palaces of the king
All day the birds would sing
Our hearts were filled with spring

Padre, padre
What happened to our love's so cruel
Padre, oh padre
In my grief I turn to you

Then he came along
And sang her his song
And won her with honey lies
He of the fiery eyes
Now it's not her that cries

So I will pray
The hours away
And weary my heart has grown
Wondering where love has flown
Counting my beads alone

Padre, oh padre
Please tell me how such things can be
Padre, oh padre
Pray for my love and me

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