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No more


La Paloma - No More

recording year: 1896
originally by: Ferruccio Giannini

originally written by: Robertson;Blair
catalognumber: ??
label: berliner

Other early recordings:
00-06-1898 - Arturo B. Adamini (Edison 4213);
00-00-1899 - Edison Symphony Orchestra (Edison cylinder 565);
23-07-00 - Emilio de Gogorza aka Senor Carlos Francisco (Victor A 171) ;
22-01-01 - Emilio de Gogorza aka Senor Carlos Francisco (Victor 3052);
00-11-01 - Blanca del Carmen (Zon-o-phone X 205);
11-02-02 - Emilio de Gogorza aka Senor Carlos Francisco (Victor 171)

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: Tuesday 21 march,1961; studio
first release: on audio album blue hawaii ( october,1961 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: lsp 2426

The song on which "No More" was based is "La Paloma," written By Sebastián Yradier, a Basque and student of the Madrid Conservatory, who was influenced by the music of Havana, Cuba, during his travels in the 1850s. He wrote the song and performed it for the first time in Havana in 1855; it was first published in 1859. Giannini's original was recorded on Berliner. Giannini was a Italian tenor who emigrated to the USA in 1885 to become one of the first singers to be recorded on disc in 1896. See also "Santa Lucia."

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