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My heart cries for you


My Heart Cries For You
nobody's chasing me

recording date: 29 october,1950
originally by: Dinah Shore

originally written by: Percy Faith;Carl Sigman
catalognumber: 47 3978
label: rca victor

Real name: Frances Rose Shore
Born: February 29, 1916
Died: February 24, 1994
Country: United States

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: Friday, 1 January 1904; Informal
first release: on audio album a golden celebration (october 1984)
catalog number:
cpm6 5172

"My Heart Cries For You" gave Guy Mitchell his first million seller when it reached number 2 in 1951, after having been released in December 1950. However, Dinah Shore recorded the number earlier, on 29 October 1950, just 4 days before Mitchell's own trip to the recording studio. But there's a question-mark, for Vic Damone also recorded the number at about this time and perhaps even earlier than Shore. Unfortunately, data for his Mercury recording session is lacking andso it is not possible to find the date. The song was written by Carl Sigman and Percy Faith, an adaption of the melody from "Chanson de Marie Antoinnette," purported to have been written by the 18th century French queen.
Elvis's version is an informal recording, made in Rocca Place, Hollywood. It was discovered on an acetate by Joan Deary of RCA records when she searched Graceland after Elvis's death, in the hope of finding some overlooked recordings.

Between December 1950 and February 1951, no less than EIGHT versions made the Top 30!!

Guy Mitchell (#1), recorded 02-11-50 (Columbia 39067);

Dinah Shore (#3), recorded 29-10-50 (RCA 20-3978);

Vic Damone (#4), recorded 27 or 28 oct. 1950 (Mercury 5563);

Jimmy Wakely (#12), recorded 16-11-50 (Capitol 1378);

Bill Farrell (#18), probably recorded around sept. 1950 (MGM 10868);

All Morgan (#24), recorded dec. 1950;

Evelyn Knight & Red Foley (#28), recorded 28-11-50 (Decca 27378);

Victor Young and His Orchestra (#29) probably recorded around sept. 1950 (Decca 27333);

not charted but recorded:
00-11-50 - Lulu Belle & Scotty (Mercury 6304);
01-12-50 - Jo Stafford & Gene Autry (Columbia 39086);
00-12-50 - The Five Larks (Apollo 1177).

It is not clear what is the original version (the version from Vic Damone has the oldest recording date)

? $ goldmine

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