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Moody Blue


Moody Blue

recording year: 1974
originally by: Mark James

originally written by: Mark James
catalognumber: tos 1055
label: mercury

Real name: Francis Zambon
Born: 1940
Country: United States

Lyrics And Music

recording date elvis: Wednesday, 4 February 1976; Studio
first release: on audio single moody blue (december 1976)
catalog number:
pb 10857

Francis Rodney Zambon, the writer of "Suspicious Minds" is the real name of Mark James. James was born in 1940 and grew up learning to play violin until he discovered the guitar and formed his own group, "Francis Zambon and the Naturals," recording and releasing a few singles in the late 1950s ("Jive Note" was the first). After his military service, James was offrered a job at American Sound Studios. His own recording of "Moody Blue" was made inititally as a demo, but was then released as a Mercury single (TOS 1055), gaining some success in South Africa. See also "Always On My Mind," "It's Only Love" and "Suspicious Minds."

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