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recording date elvis: thursday 4 june ( 1970 ) ; studio
first release:

originally by: Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis

recording year: 1924
originally written by: Drake; Shirl (based on traditional)

The number is based loosely on an earlier folk song called variously "Get Along Home Cindy," "Whoop 'Em Up, Cindy, "Get On Board, Little Children," along with many other titles.
In April 1924, two Appalachian ladies, Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis, became one of the first Country acts to be recorded. The session was held in New York for the Columbia Phonograph Company and consisted of 12 tracks (other sources say ten). The second of these tracks was "Cindy In The Meadows" and it is a clear ancestor of what we know today as "Cindy, Cindy."
(I choose to ignore Ernest Hare & Al Bernard's 1923 recording of "Cindy," which is often cited as an early version of the song, as it bears no resemblance to the song as we know it.)
Various other versions of this traditional number have been recorded, most with different lyrics to those supplied to Elvis. Amongst these: Ricky Nelson (with same title as Elvis's, in 1959) and Trini Lopez (1968 as "I'm Coming Home Cindy).

performed by:
Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis

performed by: Elvis Presley

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