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Carry me back to old virginia


Carry Me Back To Old Virginia

recording date elvis: monday 10 april ( 1972 ) ; concert
first release:

originally by: Len Spencer

recording year: 1893
originally written by: tindley

Originally titled "Carry Me Back To Old Virginny," the number was written in 1875 by the African American minstrel James Bland (1854-1911), who wrote over 700 songs, including "Oh Dem Golden Slippers." It became the state song of Virginia in 1940, but was given the status of "state song emeritus" in 1997 when the Virginia Senate decided that a new song was required. Len Spencer's recording was probably made for Columbia and then regionally distributed by companies such as the New Jersey Phonograph Company and the Ohio Phonograph Company. Spencer was born in 1867 in Washington DC. He was one of the USA's first recording stars and is considered to have made the first million-selling record, namely "Arkansas Traveler." Elvis included the number in several concerts in 1972, though always only singing very brief extracts.

Carry Me Back To Old Viginia
performed by:
Len Spencer

Carry Me Back To Old Virginia
performed by: Elvis Presley

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