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Blowin' in the wind


Blowin'In The Wind

recording date elvis: 1966 ; informal
first release: on cd platinum-a life in music ( july 1997 )
label: bmg
ean: 00 7863 67469 2 0

originally by: Bob Dylan

recording year: 9 july 1962
release date: 27 may 1963
originally written by: bob dylan
catalognumber: cs 8786
label: columbia
album: the freewheelin'

Aliases: Blind Boy Grunt
Real name: Robert Allen Zimmerman
Born: May 24, 1941
Country: United States

Elvis seems to have liked Dylan's songs, and rightly so, of course. Unfortunately, RCA didn't seem to want Elvis to record anything too "advanced" in the sixties, concentrating instead on film scores—Elvis did his best, but was fighting a losing battle at most times! Still, he did record Dylan's little-known "Tomorrow Is a Long Time"—a superb rendition, relegated to the insignificance of a "bonus track" on the otherwise fairly nondescript film album "Spinout"!
Anyway, back to "Blowin' In The Wind"! Sadly, Elvis did not make an official recording of the number, so we have only this informal home recording, never intended for release, made some time in 1966. Dylan's own version was recorded in July 1962, but was not released to the public until May 1963 as part of his "Freewheelin'" LP.
Dylan's melody for "Blowin' In The Wind" was based on an earlier number called "No More Auction Block." Dylan might not have been the first person to record his own song—a demo version was probably made earlier by The New World Singers.
Elvis's home recording is sung to a backing provided by the LP, "Sing A Song With The Kingston Trio" (Capitol SKAO 2005).

First release

9 july 1962 Bob Dylan recorded a demo version. The original version was recorded in feb. 1962 by The New World Singers and released later On audio album Broadside Ballads BR 301 (release date September 1963)

Audio Album: Broadside Ballads

Blowin' In The Wind
performed by:
Bob Dylan

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Blowin'In The Wind
performed by:
Elvis Presley

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