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And i love you so


and I love you so

recording date elvis: Tuesday 11 march 1975
first release: on audio album today ( may 1975 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: apl1 1039

originally by: Don Mclean

recording date: june 1969
originally written by: Don Mclean
catalognumber: 41 4
label: mediarts
album: tapestry

single version: Mediarts ME-108

Don McClean was born on 2 October, 1945, in New Rochell, New York. After graduating from college in 1968, he performed at local venues before joining Pete Seeger in his campaign to clean up the Hudson River. Seeger encouraged him to record the numbers that would appear on his first album, "Tapestry," but McLean was rejected by 34 record companies (according to his own account) before being accepted by the small Mediarts.
Don McLean recorded his self-penned "And I Love You So" in June or July 1969, releasing it both as a single (Mediarts ME-108) in April 1970, and on his debut album "Tapestry" (Mediarts 41-4) later that year. Following the interest in McClean's song "American Pie," United Artists, who had taken over Mediarts, reissued the single in June 1971; "Tapestry" was reisuued in August of that same year.

And I Love You So
performed by
Don Mclean

And I Love You So
performed by
Elvis Presley

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