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An american trilogy


An American Trilogy

recording date elvis: Thursday 17 february 1972;concert
first release: on audio single an american trilogie ( april 1972 )
label: rca victor
catalog number: 74 0672

originally by: Mickey Newbury

recording year: 1971
originally written by: traditional;newbury
catalognumber: eks 74107
label: elektra
album: frisco mabel joy

Real name: Milton Slim Newberry Jr.
Born: May 19, 1940
Died: September 29, 2002
Country: United States

Mickey Newbury was born Milton Newbury in Houston, Texas, on 19 May, 1940. After having served in the US Air Force, he moved to Nashville and wrote songs for other artists before recording his first album in 1968. After stints with RCA and Mercury, Newbury moved to Elektra where he recorded his original version of "An American Trilogy" for his first album on that label, "Frisco Mabel Joy." The exact date of the recording session that produced "An American Trilogy" is unkown, but it took place around June 1971. The number was also released as a single on Elektra 4570.
The three numbers used by Newbury to make up the Trilogy are: "Dixie," written in 1859 by Dan Emmett; "Battle Hymn Of The Republic," written in 1861 by Julia Howe (set to the tune of "John Browns Body"); "All My Trials," which is a traditional number whose composer is unknown, though the names of Rita Green and C.C. Carter are sometimes listed --- versions of "All My Trials" were released in 1956 by Cynthia Gooding and Bob Gibson. The songs are intended to represent the three factions involved in the US Civil War, namely the Confederate South (Dixie), the Unionist North ("Battle Hymn"), and the slaves ("All My Trials").
The live recording of this number, made by Elvis during his January-February 1972 series of concerts at the Las Vegas Hilton, was released as a single (with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face). Other live recordings by Elvis have also been released.

An American Trilogy
performed by:
Mickey Newbury

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An American Trilogy
performed by:
Elvis Presley

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