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recording date elvis: Wednesday 20 march 1974;concert
first release:

originally by: Woody Herman And His Orchestra

recording date: 4 february 1942
originally written by: Traditional
catalognumber: 18346
label: decca

Real name: Woodrow Charles Herman
Born: May 16, 1913
Died: October 29, 1987
Country: United States

RCA also recorded "Amen" (sung together with "I Got A Woman") on April 9, 1972 (Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia). Though not officially released, the recording can be heard on "Standing Room Only." An even earlier recording, made in Boston on 10 November 1971, can be heard on the unofficial release "The Power of Shazam." The song was used in a 1940 film called "Maryland," but the first released recorded version seems to have been as a sort of swing parody by Woody Herman, otherwise referred to as "Hey Man!" from the 1942 film "What's Cookin'?" (Decca 18346). The link between the Herman's version and the more traditional "Amen" is, however, tenuous, so that perhaps a more likely contender for original version is the 1950 recording, released on King 4372, by Rev. J.B. Crocker, titled "Sermon, Hallelujah Amen."
Incidentally, the song featured heavily in the 1963 film "Lillies Of The Field," starring Sidney Poitier and earning him the first ever Best Actor Of The Year Oscar awarded to a black player.

performed by:
Woody Herman

performed by:
Elvis Presley

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