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Am I ready


To A Wild Rose

elvis: Am I Ready
recording date elvis: Wednesday 16 february 1966;studio
first release:
Hear Elvis's version on: Double Features: Spinout and Double Trouble

originally by: Victor Herbert And His Orchestra

recording year: 1910
originally written by: Tepper;Bennett

Real name: Victor August Herbert
Born: February 1, 1859
Died: May 26, 1924
Country: United States

Although the song is composed by Tepper and Bennett, it is based on the much older classical piano piece, "To A Wild Rose," by American composer Edward MacDowell, who was born in New York in late 1860 (many sources incorrectly indicate 1861). MacDowell studied in the USA and Europe and worked in Germany for some years before returning to the USA in 1888. "To A Wild Rose" was first published in MacDowell's Opus 51, "Woodland Sketches" in 1896; "To A Wild Rose" is sketch number 1 of 10 and is based on a tune sung by the Brotherton Native American tribe. That same year, MacDowell was described as "the greatest musical genius America has produced." MacDowell was among the first to use the melodic and rhythmic material of the American Indian, and to interpret the beauty of the American landscape. Woodland Sketches contains such descriptive tone miniatures as From an Old Indian Lodge, By a Meadow Brook, From Uncle Remus—and this delicate, justly-loved gem that is "To A Wild Rose." MacDowell died in New York in January 1908, probably of pre-senile dementia. The Victor Herbert recording was released on a cylinder by the Edison's National Phonograph Company as an Edison Standard Record, number 10338, in April 1910 (announced in Edison Phonograph Monthly, Feb., 1910). The same recording was also issued on a 78 RPM disc, but this was possibly at a later date.

Am I Ready
performed by:
Victor Herbert And His orchestra

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Am I Ready
performed by: Elvis Presley

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